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First Russian S-400 system to arrive in Turkey this week

Although the United States has warned Turkey that it will face sanctions if it buys military technology from Russia and even though Washington has blocked, for the time being, the delivery of F-35 aircraft, Ankara does not take into account these clear signals transmitted both on public and official diplomatic channels. First S-400 anti-aircraft defense system is on its way to Turkey, where it is due to arrive this week.

Turkish media quoting military sources says Russian aircraft carrying on board components of the first S-400 defense system has left Russia’s air base near Tver, northwest of Moscow. According to Habertürk TV, 9 Russian military technicians have already arrived in Turkey to supervise the transport and installation of the S-400 system.

First Turkish S-400 system will be installed near the capital of Ankara. Acquisition of Russia’s anti-aircraft defense systems will cost Turkey $ 2.5 billion.

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